Here are a few responses from delegates as recorded by Arrow ECS in 2019;

  • “Very well delivered course.  Excellent instructor!”
  • “Alex was happy to go at a faster pace and to give us a more customised experience as the class size was small. “
  • “Alex was very good. One of the best trainers, in my experience”
  • “Very good instructor. Knowledgeable and engaging”
  • “Instructor was very knowledgeable and was able deliver his point across quite clearly. He is also very patient and was eager to help us to the best of his knowledge”
  • “Again, excellent instructor, no complaints”
  • “Very happy, instructor made things interesting and it wasn’t an effort to listen to him unlike some other courses I have been on in the past.”
  • “Alex was enthusiastic and very helpful. Would strongly recommend Alex !”
  • “Alex was very good at explaining everything and helped everyone with any issues surrounding labs etc. Clearly knew exactly what he was talking about and did it in a professional and amicable manner.”

…and Some further Feedback from F5 EMEA delegates, recorded in 2023;

  • “This was well presented and a real pleasure with Alex”
  • “The trainer was top. Experienced, well organized and have not left even a single of the numerous additional questions unanswered.”
  • “Alex was excellent and the course was high-quality.”
  • “Training was very information. Trainer is one of best i have met.”
  • “Alex was a great instructor and brought some fun into the class as well as profound knowledge in F5 ltm/asm.”
  • “The instructor was really helpful and really knew the subject of the class.”