Labs is happy to announce that we have F5 lab facilities available!

Why use our labs?

  • Full lab setup for as long as you need it.
  • Both BigIP with all major modules, as well as BigIQ CM and DCD’s available.
  • Up-to-date systems; work on the latest version of F5 software, including version 17.1, or any previous version from 12.1 onward.
  • Systems are available 24/7, worldwide.
  • Available to individuals, as well as large groups – up to 32 students at once.
  • We’ve got two datacenters; in the UK and Netherlands, with redundant servers, internet and power configurations.
  • Carbon Neutral, thanks to our solar power installation and re-use of generated heat.
  • Labs are available on short notice. No need to spend days or even weeks on building a lab that you only use for a short time.
  • Why not break our labs, instead of your boss’ live systems?
  • You’ve just done a training course and need extra time to let the training material sink in.
Please contact us for pricing information.

Extra help is available from 401 & 402-certified F5 specialists to get lab scenarios working,  exam prep or discussing setups. If interested in this, please contact us for a quote.

For more details on official training courses, see here:, or drop us a line.