Terms and Conditions ABCT.net labs

Thank you for using our lab environment. Just a few points to keep in mind;

  1. The lab environment should only be used for training / educational purposes. Any illicit or illegal activities are not allowed and will result in your access being revoked without refund.
  2. Please do not put any data in the lab that you’d like to remain private. Although reasonable precaution is taken to ensure privacy, this cannot be guaranteed and ABCT.net will not accept any liability for the data the user imports into it.
  3. Reliability of the lab is not a given. Although we are working with a very resilient system with multiple backup systems, failures can occur. ABCT.net limited does not accept responsibility for any damages  that come from this. For any outage caused by ABCT.net limited, longer than 4 hours after informing us, we will give you an extra week of lab access free of charge.
  4. The labs come as-is and we will provide you with all the help necessary to access the lab. There are back-end systems available for testing and lab diagrams are provided to explain how to reach these systems. Any further help or training will be charged at 200 pounds an hour plus VAT, charged per half hour.
  5. If due to any reason, your lab systems are found to be interfering with other devices in the ABCT.net lab, they may be switched-off and/or restored to snapshot without prior notice. We will always endeavor to resolve the matter prior such actions are taken, or at least inform you of the steps taken.
  6. We do not store any information in the lab environment after the lab subscription has ended. All devices used during the lab subscription will be restored to snapshot. If you wish to retain any of your configurations built during the lab time, please let us know before your subscription ends so we can help you extract it or extend your access.
  7. ABCT.net reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service, or any feature or functionality thereof, at any time without prior notice. If you no longer can, or wish to use the service, due to a change in the service, we will provide you with a pro-rated refund for any remaining subscription time.

If any doubt, or any questions, please contact our lovely lab team for further details; labs@abct.net